Sunday, September 18, 2005

There are 3 major copper mines here, I think this was the Copper Queen, but not sure. Utemike will know. It only took 12 years to dig this HUGE hole. We didn't take many pictures today, not a lot of different things to see, and it was so hot. We didn't feel like stopping much. It was a beautiful ride through the desert anyway. Highways 80, then 9 on into El Paso, then I-10 to Van Horn were we're holed up in a motel. We planned on camping again tonight, but none of the RV parks had shade, and it was still 100 degrees when we got in. It's 9:30 PM now, and still VERY hot outside. So, we're happy to be in the Ramada with a good A/C! And wireless!


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