Monday, September 19, 2005

Sherm getting a $1 shoe shine. He did a fine job, so he got a 100% tip.

The paint on this old building looks similar to what we have on our living room walls at home. (I know I'll get in trouble for this:-)

Karen wanting in to shop. This place was closed for the evening, a good thing!

K and P in Mrs.Crosby's lobby. This was a very weird coffee table!

Enjoying our food at Mrs. Crosby's in Acuna, Mexico. Right across the Rio Grande River

We were early, so there wasn't a crowd. This place has a string group that wanders, and usually a piano man, but he doesn't work on Mondays. Very nice service and the food was excellent. Mrs. Crosby's, an old Acuna landmark.

Preston in Mexico. We checked out a few tourist traps, didn't buy anything. Acuna is a typical border town.

One of the few "modern" buildings in Langtry, TX. It's in the high 90's and we're heading on to Del Rio! We'll be crossing the Pecos River in a few minutes.

This was Roy Bean's house. His original. He called it the Opera House so he could tell Lilly Langtry that he owned one. He also told her that he named the town after her. Actually, it was named for some railroad official before Bean ever lived there. He was a very colorful character. Lilly did end up visiting the town, but it was a year after Roy died of pneumonia in the billard hall just a few yards down the hill from this house.

K & P in front of the Courthouse.

Original bar, billiard hall, and courtroom of Judge Roy Bean. He also died in the building. Mostly all original, and very interesting!

This is the only business in Dryden, TX.

Small town, Dryden, TX. This was the only store in town besides the Post Office. Lots of deer leases around this part of the country, and they buy a lot of corn for "seeding" the deer. Very interesting store!

Preston and Shirley, Karen sitting at table. This place was recommended by Aquaman, and it was a winner. Real "Found Food"! We all had fresh warm Fried Pies, Yummmmm Yummmmmm!

Praying Mantis, We were in Marathon, TX, when this little guy landed on Prestons's Ice chest. Right after this, it attacked my camera! Crawled up my arm, and scared me a little until I had it shaken off!

This was taken just a few minutes before Preston ran out of gas. We were about 30 miles West of Del Rio. There is one station in Comstock, and it was out of gas too. The pumps would only go to $3 a gallon, so she had set all three grades at $2.99 per gallon. Sold out! I went on to Amistad Lake and forked over $20 deposit on a gallon can, got them going. No shade, 97 degrees then, but it only took a few minutes. 75-80 mph, head wind, 600+ pound trailer and a tiny wife, kills the mileage on a Voyager 12.

Downtown Langtry, TX. There are several old buildings that are falling down, but has historical significance. This was the house of one of the Torres family. This belonged to the man that always ran against Judge Roy Bean for his position as Justice of the peace. He lived here, and it was also a grocery store and bar.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

There are 3 major copper mines here, I think this was the Copper Queen, but not sure. Utemike will know. It only took 12 years to dig this HUGE hole. We didn't take many pictures today, not a lot of different things to see, and it was so hot. We didn't feel like stopping much. It was a beautiful ride through the desert anyway. Highways 80, then 9 on into El Paso, then I-10 to Van Horn were we're holed up in a motel. We planned on camping again tonight, but none of the RV parks had shade, and it was still 100 degrees when we got in. It's 9:30 PM now, and still VERY hot outside. So, we're happy to be in the Ramada with a good A/C! And wireless!

Karen and Preston getting ready to mount up. Definately time to take off the early morning jackets! It was already getting very hot.

This is a fine old Hotel. Lots of original things, and it's next door the the Cooper Queen Museum. Prices aren't bad either, it's a definate "come back and stay here someday" place.

Bisbee is a very interesting town. More and more of the old building have been restored in the last few years. I'd like to come back sometime when it isn't so hot and look around more. It was already in the 90's by mid morning.

This is in Bisbee, on the patio of the Copper Queen Hotel. We had a wonderful breakfast here. A truly delightful morning, even is there were a few flys buzzing around. The food was outstanding!

A couple of the "older crowd" in Tombstone.

This was the bartender in the place we had dinner. What a cool looking dude! All he needed was some crossed bandolers, and he could have had a job with Pancho Villa.

I liked this sign!

Wooden Indian in front of a Smoke shop.

Big Nose Kate's is famous. They have period dress for all the employees, and it's a favorite place for the local who like to dress up in the late 1800's garb.

The street is very colorful!

Just more tourist traps. Last time I was here, breakfast was here at the Hot Bisquit. It was HUGE and good too. Since we'll be heading for Bisbee in the morning, we'll miss it this time.

Next month is Helldorado days in Tombstone. A Festival, parade, and lots of activities. The Hawg Corral is biker friendly, obviously.

Most of the tourists have gone. They were still giving horse drawn carraige rides around the town, but since we had taken the ride before, we passed on it this time.

In Tombstone, most of the attractions and stores close at 5 PM. We got into town around then. Lots of bars and eating places open. We walked the whole town, decided to eat at the Cactus Ranch, or something like that. The food was good and not too expensive. This is the REAL location where the gunfight took place.

This is the inside of my Kwik Kamp. A full Queen sized bed with a 3" memory foam mattress that is very comfortable. The little dressing room pops out when you flip open the tent, and is 6'6" tall, 42" deep and 60 inches wide. I usually put a chair in there too. You can leave a bed made up, but I prefer the light down bag that opens up like a comforter to sleep under. Sunday morning we plan on eating at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, and seeing the sights of town, and then continuing on Hwy 80 to Hwy 9 across New Mexico. We'll closely follow the Mexican Border all the way to El Paso and beyond.

Our first campground of the trip. We're in the Wells Fargo RV park in Tombstone. We had a nice evening, then set up the theater and watched an old movie on the laptop. Pretty expensive camping, $42 total for the 3 of us in one spot. But it was the only grass for miles around! There was a square dance going on next door, outside under a canopy. Only 2 squares, and the youngest was probably 70. We thought about joining them, but decided on the movie instead.

Looking toward the North. The roads in the Salt River Canyon are GREAT!

Karen at the very bottom of the canyon of the Salt River.

Bottom of Salt River Canyon. There were several blankets and tables set up for selling the Apache made products. Some very nice things, and prices weren't too bad. This was a cute little girl with her mom.

We're getting used to seeing this. All yesterday afternoon around Tucson, AZ, and now in El Paso, TX! I'm thinking this may be the last day in the triple digits!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ann Marie. This is Barb Foree's cousin. It must run in the family!

Karl and Beve in one of their more serious moods .

Jack is busy too! He was busy with the Bar B Que, Kark and Bev brought food and others too. It was another wonderful meal at the Casa Foree!

Barbara in the kitchen! Dangerous....But, she made some posole stew that was delicious! And some Indian Frybread the was perfect. Even if Jack did spill grease all over his deck..............

Friday, September 16, 2005

Petrified logs in the Park. There are huge fines if you pick up any little pieces.

Karen and Preston checking out the Agate Bridge. Karen wanted to cross it, but there were signs telling her to stay off. Barb Foree said that in her school days, the kids used to come out here, sit on the bridge and smoke! For Shame! It's actually a petrified log.

Petroglyphs in the Petrified Forest. This one was called "Roadrunner eating baby Coyote". We saw more of them at the Puerco Ruins than we did at Newspaper Rock.

Karen checking the bushes and flowers in the desert!

This is in the Painted Desert, Check the wind blowing the bushes. We had very strong wind on I-40 all afternoon.

One of the many pictures of the Painted Desert.

We visited both these parks, the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. Lots of interesting things to see!

We arrived in Holbrook and went up to the Foree's house. Just dropped off the trailers, filled our water mugs and headed out to see the National Parks.